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Where We Are?

Our Addresses

  • Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2. Cadde 5. Sokak No:2 Merkez/Afyonkarahisar
  • +90 272 502 03 22
  • Pzt - Cmt : 09.00 - 18.00
Central Tema Plaza

  • Burhaniye Mah. Tunuslu Mahmutpaşa Cad. Gedik Sok. No:5/2 Üsküdar İstanbul/Türkiye
  • +90 216 443 14 21
  • +90 216 443 14 23 (Fax)
  • 2630 No:65 Kapı No:1 Boomse Steenweg/Aartselaar / Belçika
  • +32 488 54 01 92

Frequently Asked Questions

01How can I convey my opinion, suggestion and complaint ?

You can send it using the form on our "Contact" page at the top right of the page.

02Do you provide assembly and installation services?

We deliver our products as packaged.

03Can I replace the products with a new one in case of errors ?

In case of a production problem, you can contact 0272 502 03 22 and request the replacement of the product with a new one.

04What are the warranty periods of the products ?

The warranty period of all our products is two years.

05Do you guarantee any damage to the products that may occur during transportation ?

Damages that may occur during transportation are not covered by the warranty.

06How can I find out the prices of the products ?

You can find out the price information about our products by contacting our phone number +90 272 502 03 22.

07Where can I order your products ?

You can order our products from our factory in Turkey, and from our Belgium warehouse for abroad, whose information can be found on our contact page.

08How can I receive my products ?

It is delivered to your address from our Factory sales point throughout Turkey. For abroad, it is delivered to your address on retail and pallet basis from our Belgium warehouse.

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